War, Terrorism & Political Violence

Terrorism and Political Violence is not a new phenomenon but it is really only since 9/11 that the terrorism/political violence market has evolved significantly.  An increase in both covers and per risk capacity on a standalone basis allow businesses to access several options of coverage protecting a company’s physical assets and business continuity from a simple terrorism policy to the most comprehensive political violence policy.  The desired coverage should reflect a business’s risk profile and geographic location.

The types of coverage now available protects against losses of physical damage and subsequent business interruption directly caused by

  • Terrorism and Sabotage
  • Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotion and Malicious Damage
  • Mutiny, Insurrection, Coup d’état, Rebellion
  • Full Political Violence including War and Civil War

Additional covers can be bought to provide insurance protection against:

  • Terrorism Liability
  • Nuclear Chemical Biological & Radiological Terrorism

A wide range of industries can be covered.

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