Liquidated Damages

C J Coleman has been arranging coverage for this aspect of Contractual Liability for over fifteen years and continues to do so for major global contractors. The ability to assess the risk from the substantial array of legal and financial contract documents continues to be our forte. This enables a high quality of risk submission to the market which greatly enhances our product.

Professional Liability

Global construction contracts typically impose significant liability in relation to liquidated damages incurred as a result of failure to meet performance guarantees &/or completion dates.  Liquidated Damages insurance is designed to provide protection to the Main Contractor against liquidated damages payments resulting from errors and omissions on the part of the Main Contractor (including its sub-contractors &/or suppliers), and other causes for which the Main Contractor is not entitled to relief or excuse under the design/build contract.

Coverage is available to design/build engineering and construction companies involved in:

  • Power generation
  • Oil & gas
  • Water treatment
  • Highway construction

Key Contacts